Rohatsu nyheder

Det er 'rohatsu' tid. Rohatsu betyder 8 december - den dag Siddharta Gautama vågnede op til DETTEs sande væsen og derefter blev kaldt Shakyamuni Buddha. Overalt i verden sidder folk i klostrene i årets mest intense retræte, rohatsu sesshin. Hvor intenst det kan blive kan man måske skimte i følgende uddrag af en artikel skrevet af en deltager i vores første (og eneste) rohatsu sesshin i Danmark - det er nu 33-34 år siden.

My great and wonderful Zen failure
By Graeme Perrin

I was back in Denmark now and at that stage I hadn’t been in contact with any other Buddhist/Zen people... that was until Denko John Mortensen appeared onto the scene. I met Denko at a public lecture in Copenhagen in 1983 and was immediately invited to join his small Sangha, which used his home in Ballerup as a Zendo. Denko John Mortensen was studying at Copenhagen University in the late sixties when he became interested in Zen Buddhism. He went to Ryutaku-Ji in Japan where he met Soen Nakagawa Roshi in the spring of 1971. Denko became a student of Eido Shimano Roshi in the spring of 1979 and was ordained as a monk in the summer of 1980. Not long after this he began his first attempt to establish a Rinzai Zen community in Denmark.

Sitting with Denko was a very serious business. He pushed us to what we thought to be the end of our limitations, only to find that our limits could always be stretched just a bit more. There were those who bailed out along the way, and others like myself who chose to stay on in the hope that something would come along to justify this physical battle of nerves... which was of course my own interpretation of so much yelling, telling off, barefoot kinhin (walking meditation) in the snow, all-night sittings and general dismantling of ones character. As far as I was concerned, as long as this focus was upon some form of physical endurance, then I was quite at home thank you very much. Where I come from this kind of action is pure ego food. Even as a small boy, the more pain one could endure without flinching (rather smiling), or the more daring things one could do without showing fear, were certifications for one being “real man” material. At the time I experienced Denko’s Zen as being very physical, and perhaps this is why I stuck it out so long. My old fears were being drowned out in the challenge... I thought.

It was only after I acquired a bout of double pneumonia during a Rohatsu sesshin that I began to question my interests in this form of spiritual quest. I also had problems accepting Denko’s authority during Sanzen. My small mind was taking the bait of his provocative questioning, and I was convinced that the man only wanted me to whole heartedly attack him in the physical sense of the word. To sort things out in the Sanzen room once and for all. These pictures struck me as not being quite by the book, and the fact that they were a sign of my own limited understanding or perhaps even evidence that my dear little ego was starting to crack under the pressure, couldn’t be seen by myself at all. I blamed the teacher, I began to doubt my teacher, I began to doubt my practice, and I began to doubt the entire Zen Buddhist concept.

I had a meeting with Denko about my problems, and he very kindly pointed out the different roles he played in order to influence an eventual insight into the futility of clinging to this illusive self. I could see the logic in his explanation but deep down I discovered that after all, I was still in the process of being torn to pieces by that unexplainable fear. Fear of life, fear of death, fear of going forward, and fear of the truth! I went home and virtually hid myself under my bed for about a month. One evening the phone rang and it was Denko, “I’m shutting up shop, moving back to the States...”, and he was gone.

On December 8 th 1988 Rev. Denko was certified as a Dharma Teacher by Eido Shimano Roshi at a ceremony at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and on November 19, 2002 Denko received Dharma Transmission (Inka) from Eido Roshi at a ceremony at Pine Hill Zendo. Denko Osho is now also Vice Abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-Ji monastery and President of the Zen Studies Society. In April 2001 Denko John Mortensen led the first sesshin of the Scandinavian Zen Center.

Andet nyt:
Så du kan planlægge næste halve år: Parinirvana heldags-sidning er sat på kalenderen, og ligeledes er helligdags retræte fastlagt. Se venligst hjemmesidens kalender. Konstruktionen af tempelbygningen i Havredal Zendo skrider hastigt fremad, så vi regner med, at disse arrangementer kan afholdes der.